Learning how to take bread to the next level

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July 25, 2019
Learning how to take bread to the next level

Bread-baking is upping its game. The art, which is almost as ancient as man himself, has now taken up its rightful place in the gourmet world, with bread shops but also restaurants and hybrid establishments offering slow-rise bread, made using ancient or unusual grains, sometimes in combination with legumes and vegetables. Production methods are becoming more accurate and carefully studied because, as well as flavour, there is also the chemical aspect, the choice of temperature and customised times to get the very best results. To do this you need adequate training. And here too companies are entering the arena.

“For our users we have made available eight technicians who take it in turn to run training courses at all levels in the various locations throughout Europe,” says Mauro Serioli, sales manager of Molino Braga. “Training is always important, but in our sector it is fundamental, because it is about flour being transformed into end products. So we have to train up staff working the various sectors, teaching them how to use our products in the best way.” Molino Braga will be bringing to Host new products such as flour with stone-ground legumes in various formats. These flours can be used for making pasta, pizza, bread and bread substitutes, increasing their protein value.

Training is a requirement that covers the various stages of the production process, says Marco Totti of the sales office at Sottoriva: “The training we are constantly providing with customers and the sales network, concerns the complexities involved in constructing machinery that yeast-raised dough without spoiling it. Here, we organise technical and commercial training for our products, but we also go further: we often focus attention on the actual bread-making process in our bakeries. Because we believe that it is the success and quality of the final product that demonstrates how good our machinery and equipment are.”

Sottoriva is coming to Host for the first time. “In an increasingly global market, the main thing is to maintain a capillary sales network spread over all five continents. Our sales staff will be on hand to offer advice on bread-baking and pastry-making machinery and equipment.”

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